Sustainability Audit

As accredited Eco Refurbishers and members of the Green Register, we are very passionate & knowledgable about sustainability. We want to use that to help you achieve a warm, energy efficient property. Everybody is after this but the amount of products and rhetoric bandied around can be quite overwhelming and the percieved investment can be daunting.

By commisioning us to perform a sustainability audit we can look at your property and compile a report looking at all aspects of your building and identify the problem areas and recommend solutions to address them. We know everybody has a different budget and perspective upon sustainability, so we can draw on our depth of knowledge and experience to tailor the solutions to suit your pocket and property type. These can be in terms of short and longer term goals. As well as identifying problems and solutions, we also look at opportunities your property could take advantage of by employing renewable generating technologies.

There are so many ways that energy efficiency can be achieved. It is important that you are able to see through all the talk and get through to the reality of the solutions on offer. The energy audit we perform will provide this. Phone us for an initial free consultation.