So often sustainability is pigeon holed as an energy efficient building. This is the minimum, as we we believe sustainability is a holistic discipline. Areas such as materials impact upon the environment (from it raw state to what happens at the end of its life), ecology, water consumption, building lifecycles, maintenance, social impact and personal well being are factors that we take into account.

Using well thought details & construction principles, we endeavour to make buildings last longer and provide a higher quality environment.

To this end we are members of the Association of Environmentally Conscious Builders (AECB) and the Green Register and accredited Eco-Refurbishers with the Green Register. This means that we are actively aware of the latest issues and trends in the green building industry, so that we can always give clients the most pertinent information. There are also lots of so called green products around as it becomes more mainstream and to be frank a lot of bunkum is talked. We will always be direct and honest about this and only use what is appropriate for the project for its entire life, not what is fashionable.

Finally we are licensed assessors for the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH). This is a wider encompassing standard which takes a more holistic view of a building. It takes into account all different aspects of a building from project beginning to end, rewards efforts to make a building energy efficient, ensures a positive ecological impact on the site, encourages sustainable construction and promotes aspects of design that ensure a high quality internal environment for the user.