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Passivhaus Design

PAAD Architects are proud to offer Passivhaus design services with director Nigel Kitchener being an accredited Passivhaus Designer. Passivhaus design is well known for delivering incredibly energy efficient buildings but is mainly aimed at providing an outstanding environment for the occupant or user. Air quality of the environment is kept to a high standard keeping a constant supply of fresh air removing moisture, pollutants and maintaining the ideal temperature using minimal energy.

Passivhaus is about taking a massive account of care over the detail and construction of the envelope of the building not just the final appearance, and is only possible through a collaborative effort between the design team and contractors to produce a very high quality building. It is something that should be a given but unfortunately is desperately lacking in todays construction industry.

It is very representative of PAAD Architects philosophy of producing environmental architecture of the highest standard that will perform well into the future. Care and attention at an early stage will pay dividends over the lifetime of the building.