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As a practice we believe every project from big to small should have a positive impact, both widely and immediate. With this ethos and respect for the surrounding environment we aim to give the client a building that fulfils their needs and more but will still ‘touch the earth lightly’….

We understand every project is individual and requires a distinctive response. This will come from comprehensive discussions with clients so that we understand their needs fully. It doesn’t matter if the job is a small house extension on a limited budget or a brand new exemplar school building, as we dedicate the same level of commitment to all our projects. The by-product of this process means that we do not have a house style as each scheme generates a unique response.

Our practice is based on working collaboratively with the clients and consultants through to the builders on site with an honest positive approach that is commercially aware. This is fundamental to our work process and it also has the benefit of producing simple, beautiful buildings!


Nigel Kitchener - Director
I have amassed a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in architectural and engineering projects. I draw on this throughout the design process to achieve sustainable architecture that does not require compromise when being brought into reality.
I have a real passion for sustainable architecture which has led to me becoming a certified Passivhaus Designer and a Code for Sustainable Homes assessor. I believe that be it with a holistic or technical approach to sustainability, it is most important to base your approach on the opportunities afforded by the site or building, not a generic one size fits all implementation.
Terry Pinto - Director
I am an experienced chartered eco-architect who has continuously cared about sustainability for all since I was a student on the 1980s. The design of a building is always about the people that use them and that always creates a unique human scale response. I will invariably be found either walking my dog, Betty around Frome or being engaged in various voluntary projects, trying to set the world to rights for my local and not so local community.
Louise Thust - Architect
10 years experience, specialising in residential and education. With a young family of my own I have a passion for creating spaces that enhance day to day family life and enjoy working with clients to really make the most out of their space. Routed in sustainable construction, I enjoy making spaces that focus on making you feel good. Capitalising on all available natural light and volume to create dynamic spaces that are visually interesting and really work for your needs.
Paula Hammond- Office Manager
I would like to think that I am the beating heart of PAAD, as I send the invoices, pay all the salaries and ensure alongside Betty the dog, the office keeps functioning.